Dr. Thummala Chandrasekhar, M.Sc., Ph. D
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science
+91 9573154641, +91 9182633585 08562278641
tcsbiotech@gmail.com , tcs@yogivemanauniversity.ac.in

Qualification :
Ph.D. in Botany (Plant Biotechnology), Sri Venkateswara University, India-2002
M.Sc. in Botany (Plant Biotechnology), Sri Venkateswara University, India- 1994
Work experience (PDF/Teaching etc.):
1. Assistant Professor, Yogi Vemna University, Kadapa, India (July, 2009 to Till date)
2. UGC-RAMAN Post Doctoral Fellow-Arizona State University, USA (Nov. 2014- Nov. 2015)
3. Worked as Post Doc in Taiwan, South Korea (July 2002 – July 2009)
Area of research interest :
1. Production of Salt-Tolerant Transgenic Plants and Biosafety
2. Bioenergy from Algae
Research grants funded:
1. CSIR Project -Completed
2. Agri-Science Project (A.P)-Completed
Research students (Ph.D awarded/working) :
Ph.D.- Awarded-3+1
Ph.D-Present working:1
Awards and achievements:
1. Qualified National Eligibility Test-For Lectureship in Botany (NET)
2. Selected for UGC-Raman Post-Doctoral Fellowship to work in USA (2014-2015)
3. Awarded ‘Young Scientist’ in 2nd International Seminar on Medicinal Plants & Herbal Products organized by Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi in Dec. 2010
Conference/symposia attended:
Conference/symposia/Seminar attended/Participated- 35
Conference/symposia organized:
1. Conducted One day work shop on ‘Energy and Sustainable Development’ – Conducted in Yogi Vemana University on 19th Oct. 2012- Convenor
2. Conducted workshop on "Recent Advances in Structure and Ligand Based Drug Design" in Yogi Vemana University on 6th Dec. 2012- Organizing Member
3. Conducted National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Environmental Science and Technology (NSETEST-2014) in Yogi Vemana University on 14-15 March. 2014- Organizing Secretary
List of Recent Best Publications
1. A Kanygin A, Y Milrad , T Chandrasekhar, R Kiera, P Baker, P Marco, I Yacoby and K Redding (2020). Rewiring photosynthesis: Photosystem I-hydrogenase fusion makes H2 in vivo - Energy & Environmental Science-Accepted (Impact Factor-33.25)
2. K. Paramesh and T. Chandrasekhar (2020). Improvement of photobiological hydrogen production in Chlorococcum minutum using various oxygen scavengers. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy-13: 7641-7646 (Impact Factor-4.08)
3. D. Varaprasad, D. Narasimham, K. Paramesh, N. Ragasudha, Y. Himabindu, M. Keerthi Kumari, S. Nazaneen Parveen and T. Chandrasekhar (2019). Improvement of ethanol production using green alga Chlorococcum minutum. Accepted Environmental Technology (Impact Factor-1.91)
4. SM Bannu, D Lomada, S Gulla, T Chandrasekhar, P Reddanna, MC Reddy (2019). Potential therapeutic applications of C-phycocyanin. Curr. Drug Metab. 20, 967-976 (Impact Factor-2.27)
5. K. Paramesh, N. Lakshmana Reddy, MV Shankar and T. Chandrasekhar (2018). Enhancement of biological hydrogen using green alga Chlorococcum minutum Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 3957-3966 (Impact Factor-4.08)
6. Y. Himabindu, T. Chakradhar, Madhava C Reddy, A Kanygin, Kevin E. Redding and T. Chandrasekhar (2016). Salt tolerant genes from halophytes are potential key players in salt tolerance of glycophytes- Envi. Experimental Botany 124:39-63 (Impact Factor-3.71)
Any specific inclusions (books, patents, collaborations etc.):
I selected for Rockefeller foundation project trainee in ICRSAT (International Crop Research Centre for Semi Arid Tropics), Asia center, Hyderabad in the project comparative genome mapping sorghum and rice using RFLP markers- From 6th July 2000 to 6th March, 2001. I also worked as project research associate in Biochemistry, IISc during March, 2001 to May 2002.