Prof. T. Sreenivas,
DEAN, Faculty of Commerce, Management & Law
Mob: 9440261444, 8297761444 , 08562 242222 (R)
M.Com., MBA.,MHRM.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
22 Years
Areas of Research Interest :
Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Management
Research students (Ph.Ds/MPhils awarded)
No. of Ph.D's awarded – 05
No. of M.Phil's. Awarded – 8
No. of Books Published – 19
Number of Papers published in National/International Journals – 67
Number of Papers presented in National/International seminars – 97
Number of Chapters contributed to various Books – 52 Chapters.
Number of National seminars organized – 4
Training programmes attended ( in weeks) – 18 weeks
Conference/symposia attended :
Conferences organized:
04 (National Level)
1. Emerging India – Challenges and Opportunities during March 11-12,2004 ( acted as organizing secretary)
2. Solid Waste Management during August 18-19,2006 ( acted as Joint Organising Secretary)
3. Service Sector and Quality Management in India during February, 21-22, 2014. (acted as convener)
4. Role of Human resources in Economic Development during April 16-17, 2014. (acted as convener)
Selected best publications:
Significant works authored/Co-authored
• Psychological well-being and psychological distress of patients suffering from chronic illnesses, International Journal of Advanced Research and Development, ISSN.2455-4030, July 2016, vol.1(7),Pp. 1-6
• A Study of Rural Healthcare in India, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, ISSN. 2349-4182, July 2015, Vol.2, Issue.7, pp. 591-597
• Higher Education in India – Quality Perspective, International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, ISSN. 2278-6236, Vol.4, No.7, Pp27-44, 2015
• Effectiveness of Service Delivery in Cardiology based Corporate Hospitals, International Journals of Management and Business Research, 3(1), winter 2013, PP.1-12.
• 7Ps in Corporate Hospitals – Administrators Perspective, African Journal of Business Management, 7(43), November, 2013, Pp 4363-4379.
• An Appraisal of Quality of Services in Urban Hospitals, International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management, Oct.2012, Vol.3,No.10, Pp.103-112
• Globalisation of Indian Health care services, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies, Vol.2, No.10,Pp.101-118
• How branding of Hospitals need different stroke, The Observer of Management Education, October, 2010, Vol.5,No. 10, Pp.58-65
• Retailing to Women Requires a Holistic Approach, Indian Journal of Marketing, Nov.2008, Vol. 38, No.11, Pp.22-36
• Leadership in Indian Hospitals, Indian Journal of Commerce, Oct.– Dec.2003, Vol.56, No.2,Pp.70-76
• Patient Satisfaction – A Comparative Study, Journal of Academy of Hospital Administration, July – Dec.2003, Vol.15, No.2, Pp.19-27.
• Re-structuring of Public Hospitals – A Case Study of Osmania General Hospital, A.P., Indian Journal of Commerce, Jan – June 2002, Vol.55,No.1&2, Pp. 36-44
Any specific inclusions (books, patents, collaborations etc.)
Significant Books authored/Co-authored/Edited :
• Marketing of Bank Services, Madhav Books, Gurgaon, 2016,ISBN: 978-93-80615-14-1
• Economic and Social Empowerment, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2016,ISBN:978-93-5056-806-4
• Service Quality Management, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2016, ISBN: 978-93-5056-804-0
• Human Relations Management in Competitive Environment, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2016, ISBN: 978-93-5056-805-7
• Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis, Jaya Bharat Publishers, 2015, ISBN: 978-81-920608-5-1.
• Service Quality gap Analysis in selected Hospitals, Lap Lambert Academic publishing, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-659-27686-6
Marketing of Hospital Services, Serials Publications, New Delhi, 2012,ISBN: 978-81-83-87-542-4
• Management Process and Behaviour, Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi, 2011, ISBN: 978-81-8356-998-9
• Globalization and Emerging India, Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi,2006, ISBN: 81-8356-055-5
• Perspectives of Indian Agriculture, Industry and Infrastructure, Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi, 2006, ISBN: 81-8356-057-1.
• Management of Hospitals, APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, 2003, ISBN: 81-7648-412-1
Visited ABROAD
Visited Boston, Maschusetts, USA under Group Study exchange programme sponsored by Rotary International during Feb-Mar, 2007 and visited Harvard Business school, MIT, Boston Business school and Salem school of Management.