Prof. Dr. Krishnareddigari Krishna Reddy
Professor & Chairman, BoS
+91 9966220933
08562 225402
Qualifications :
Batchelor of Science (B.Sc.,):Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara Arts College,Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati,India, 1983.
Master of Science (M.Sc):Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara Arts College,Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati,India, 1983.
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.,): “Microwave propagation studies: Effect of Fresnel zone clearance on LOS communication links” Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India, 1988.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.,):“Remote Sensing of the Troposphere using Acoustic Sounder (SODAR) and studies on Microwave Propagation over Southern India” Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India, 1993.
Research Experience : 34-years :
Refereed SCI Journals 88
Non-Refereed Journals 34
Text Books published 05
Research Guidance:
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) awarded 13
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) submitted 01
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) working 03
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) awarded 06
Countries visited for Academic/Research Purpose 50

Work Experience (PDF/Teaching , etc.):
Sl. No Position and Institute/University Nature of Job Period
Teaching Experience:
1 Professor , Department of Physics, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa Academics&Research 22-01- 2013 to till date 06 Years and 07 month
2. Associate Professor , Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa Academics& Research 11-11- ‘08 to 21-01-’13 4 years 3 month 10 days
3. Assistant Professor Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa a Teaching & Research 27-06-2007 to 10-11-2008*; 1 year 8 months
4. Chief Research& Development Scientist & Research Scientist Japan Agency for Marine and Earth Technology Center (JAMSTEC), Yokosuka, Japan Research 01-04-2007 to21-12-2007* 01-04-2001 to 31-03-2007 6years 8months 21days
Research Scientist/ Post-Doctoral Research Experience:
5. Researcher, Telecommunications Advancement Organization (TAO), Communication Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan Observations & Research 15-10-2000 to 31-03-2001 5 months 16 days
6. Visiting Research Fellow Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan Research 15-10-1999 to 14-10-2000 01 year
7. Post-Doctoral Fellow, Science & Technology Agency Communication Research Laboratory (CRL), Tokyo, Japan Research ¥370,000 + Spouse Allowance 15-11-1997 to 14-10-1999 01 year 11 months
8. Post-Doctoral Fellow National Central University, TAIWAN Research NT$60,000 01-04-1996 to 14-11-1997 01 year7 months
9. Post-Doctoral Fellow Delft University of Technology The Netherlands Research $1700 01-04-1996 to 14-11-1997 01 year7 months
10. Post-Doctoral Fellow CRL, Japan Research 01-04-1996 to 14-11-1997 01 year7 months
11. Research Associate (CSIR) Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati Research & Teaching Rs.2,200-200-2,800+ HRA 03-01-1994 to 31-03-1996 2years;2months; 28Days
Doctoral Research Experience:
12. Senior Research Fellow Sri Venkateswara University, Tiruapti Research Rs.1,500 Oct. 1990 to Dec.1993 3 years 2 months
13. Researcher, Department of Ocean Development (DOD) X Scientific Expedition to Antarctica Deployment of Doppler SODAR for polar boundary layer Research Nov.1990 to Mar.1991 5 months**
14. Junior Research Fellow Sri Venkateswara University, Tiruapti. Research Rs.1,000 Sep.1988 to Oct.1990 2 years 2 months
* On EOL from 01-08-2007 to 22-12-2007
** In Collaboration with National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

Administrative Experience:
Sl. No Administrative position held Duration
Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa:
1 Head, Department of Physics 27-06-2007 to 21-11-2010 07-02-2013 to 16-02-2015
2 Chairman , BoS, 07-02-2013 to till date
3 Dean, School of Physical Science 07-02-2013 to 23-09-2013
4 Dean, Examinations 08-05-2013 to 16-09-2013
5 VC Nominee/ Member, Central Purchase Committee 2009 to 2013
6 Director, UGC Affairs 23-11-2011 to 08-11-2013
7 Chief-co-ordinator, Integrated Common Entrance Test for MBA and MCA (ICET) 2010 to 2013
8 Convener, UGC 12B committee 2010
9 Convener, XI and XII plan proposal Committee 25-10-2011 & 2012
10 Member, Best teacher award scrutiny Committee 2015- till date (except 2017)
11 Dean, Students Welfare 25-10-2017 to 26-06-2019
12 Vice-Principal 26-06-2019 to till date
13 Deputy Chief Warden 26-06-2019 to till date
Other Universities:
14 Convener, Joint Inspection Committee for OU, ANU, SVU, KU & AU (appointed by AP State Council of Higher Education) 2013 to till date
15 External Member- PG Board of Studies: DTU, Delhi, OU, Hyderabad; A U, Visakhapatnam;K U, Warangal; S.K.Univ., Anathapuramu,SPMahila Univ.,Tirupathi; Rayalasema Univ., Kurnool; Dravidian University, Kuppam and etc. 2010 to till date
16 External Member- UG Board of Studies: SRK College (A), Nandyal SKR &SKR Women (A) Govt. College, Kadapa Arts College (A), Kadapa and etc, 2010 to till date
17 External Member-Engg. Board of Studies: KSRM Engg., Kadapa Sri Vedhayanekathan Engg., Rangmpeta Annamacharya Engg., Rajampeta Sitam Engg.and Science and Techonology, Chittoor Siddarth Engg., Puttur 2009 to till date
Other Universities:
18 Taiwan, Adviser and Faculty, International School on Atmospheric Radar 2007 to till date
19 Japan, Visiting Scientist 2007 to till date

Area of Research Interest:
1. Atmospheric Physics & Remote Sensing: Clouds, Aerosols, Boundary Layer Physics
2. Atmospheric Dynamics, Radiation Budget, Climate, Radiation Transfer Models
3. Satellite and Doppler Radar &Lidar Remote Sensing of Aerosols and Clouds and assessment of their impact
4. Radar and Monsoon meteorology
5. Prediction of cyclones, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, monsoon, mesoscale convective precipitating systems and Global Climate Change
6. Rain drop-size distribution

Research Grants (during the last Five years :02):
Sl. No Title of the Project Duration Budget Sponsoring Agency
On-going Research Projects - 01:
1 Semi-arid-zonal Atmospheric Research Centre (SARC) for understanding of the atmospheric and environmental changes over Rayalaseema region, Andhra Pradesh 2008-2028 20 years ₹150 lakhs Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore
2 Indian Network for Space Weather Impact Monitoring (InSWIM) MOU 2016-2026 ISRO, Vikram Sharabhai Space Centre, Trivendrum
Field campaigns Designed/Conducted: 09 :
1. Planetary boundarylayer dynamics over the icy continent, Antarctica. [1989-1992] Senior Research Fellow/Scientist - Deployment of Acoustic Radar (SODAR) at Maitri, Antarctica in cooperation with National Physical Laboratory

2. Clouds and Radiation (CLARA) 1996-1998 FM-CW Doppler Radar, FSSP, Ceilometer, AWS, Radiosonde

3. Indo-Japan Collaboration for lower atmosphere precipitation study [1997-2001] Nodal member for this group activity-lower atmospheric Wind Profiler radar, Disdrometer, Radiosonde, Optical Rain Gauge, etc

4. To understand the formation, vertical and three dimensional structure of the Meiyu/Baiu precipitating cloud systems observed over downstream of the Yangtze River [2001-2004]
Network Doppler Radars, Wind Profiler radar, Micro Rain Radar, AWS, etc. to understand three dimensional structure of the convective precipitating cloud systems observed in the downstream of the Yangtze river.

5. PALAU and MISMO Project [2002 - 2007] over Indian Ocean Several remote sensing instruments (Doppler Radar, L-band Wind profiler, celiometer, Micro rain radar, Disdrometer and AWS) operation and data analysis focusing on the Pacific Area Long-term Atmospheric observation for Understanding of climate change (PALAU) project to understand the mechanism of cloud-precipitation processes, land-atmosphere and air-sea interactions over the warm water pool, focusing on seasonal and intra-seasonal variations.

6. SARC Activity [2008-2028] Experimental, theoretical and modeling research activities of Semi-arid-zonal Atmospheric Research Centre (SARC) This centre will observed the accurate measurements of rainfall, temperature, pressure, humidity and weather predictions and rainfall characterization and also to probe the atmosphere up to Ionosphere.

7. STORM Project [2009-2012] National Coordinated experimental campaign on Severe Thunderstorm observational and regional Modeling [STORM] over North-eastern region of India.

8. SVIS Project [2009-2012] Village Information Systems over Kadapa and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh, India.

9.RAISE Laboratory [2016-2026] Radio Atmosphere and Ionospheric Study Experiment (RAISE) Laboratory is recently established with the support of Space Physical Laboratory VSSC, Trivenudrm under a MoU. RAISE is actively planning to involve in both observational and modeling studies. Intensive analysis of Total Electron Contenet (TEC) data from “Indian Network for Space Weather Impact Monitoring (InSWIM)” GPS receivers is being undertaken.

Research Students (Ph.D Awarded/Working):
Sl. No Name of the Research Scholar Topic of the Thesis Year of Award/ Submission
PhD Awarded:
1 Mrs.P.L.Manjulatha Remote sensing and GIS application for utilization of natural resources for integrated development of Mahaboobnagar District in Andhra Pradesh 31st Mar. 2012
2 Mr.S.Venkata Raju A Study on Marine Boundary Layer and Microphysical characteristics of Precipitating Clouds over Palau in Pacific Ocean 27th Oct. 2014
3 Mr. M.Venkatrami Reddy An Exploration of Tropical Cyclone Simulations over Bay of Bengal 12th Jan. 2015
4 Mr. S.B.Surendra Prasad A comprehensive study on Solar Eclipses and their influence on Meteorological variables 28th Jan. 2015
5 Mrs. J.Jayalakshmi Studies on Cyclone and Monsoon precipitation using integral rain parameters over Kadapa (14.4oN; 78.82oE), a semi-arid region of India 25th Apr. 2015
6 Mr.U.V.Murali Krishna A comprehensive study on microphysical parameters in the marine boundary layer clouds over Palau in the tropical western Pacific Ocean 03rd Feb.2016
7 Mr.T.Amarantha Reddy Optical properties of aerosols and their Radiative Effects over three different environments 28th May 2016
8 Mrs.N.P.Amrutha Kumari Microphysical observations of Precipitation over Kadapa (14.47°N, 78.82°E), semi-arid region of India Jan. 2017
9 Mr.P.Mahesh Investigations on Thunderstorm Precipitating clouds over Guwahati, North East Region of India 23rd Sept.2017
10 Mr.R.Mastanaiah Raindrop Size Distributions characteristics of Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) over Gan Island in the Equatorial Indian Ocean 10th Oct.2017
11 Mr.T.P.Mahesh Meiyu Precipitation studies using Wind Profiler Radar in the downstream of Yangtze River, China July 2018
12 Mrs.R.Suneetha Investigations on Lightning and Thunderstorm Precipitating Clouds over Guwahati, North East Region of India Oct. 2018
13 Mr.G.Mahaboob Basha A study on monsoon precipitating Clouds over Palau (7°20′ N, 134°28′ E) in Tropical Western Pacific Ocean Nov. 2018
PhD submitted :
14 Mr.M.Rajeesh Investigations on monsoon precipitating clouds semi-arid region, Kadapa Aug.2019
Carrying out Research for PhD degree :
15 Mr.A.Hari Krishna Village Information Systems over Kadapa and Nellore district– Weather dissemination Oct. 2019
16 Mrs.Rohini A Study of melting layer characteristics over Rayalaseema, semiarid region of India Nov.2019
17 Mr.Adinarayana Lower Atmospheric Wind Profiler for monitoring of boundary layer winds, temperature and vertical Structure of Baiu/Meiyu period in the downstream of Yangtze River, China Dec. 2019

Extra-curricular Activities:
N.C.C. (Air-wings)- A (Part I & II), B & C Certificate

Awards and achievements: Fellows: :
1. Fellow, The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), New Delhi, India.
2. Fellow, Andhra Pradesh (AP) Akademy of Sciences, Hyderabad
3. Secretary, Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), Andhra Pradesh& Telengana State, since 2009 onwards
4. Adviser & Faculty, International school on Atmospheric Radar (ISAR), 2006-till date
5. Visiting Scientist/Guest Faculty at National Central University, Taiwan since 1997 – Atmospheric Radar Technology/Meteorology and its application for weather and climate.
6. Faculty, School of Atmospheric Science, Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-Madras, Chennai.
7. Faculty, Winter school on Atmospheric Radar and Lidar, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati and National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Gadanki
Awards:10 :
1. Scientist, Tenth Scientific Expedition to Antarctica, Nov. 1990- March 1991
2. Gold Medal Awarded for the best research paper at the National Space Science Symposium, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahemdabad, 1992
3. Young Scientist, International Union of Radio Science (URSI), Lillie, France, 1996.
4. AP Scientist Award 2007, APCOST, Hyderabad.
5. Secretary, Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), Andhra Pradesh& Telengana State, since 2009 onwards
6. Eminent Scientist, National Environmental Science Academy, 2010, New Delhi
7. Outstanding intellectuals of the 21st Century, 2011, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.
8. Best University Teacher, Andhra Pradesh Government Award, 05 Sept. 2012, Hyderabad.
9. Member, High level Committee of experts for establishment of Doppler Weather Radar over India, 2012, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi
10. Executive Member, Andhra Pradesh State Knowledge Mission, 2015
High Level Committee Memberships:08
1. Member, High level Committee of experts for establishment of Doppler Weather Radar over India, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi
2. Technical Committee member for Cloud seeding operation by Jawaharlal Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad.
3. Member, Academic Advisory Committee for Centre for Atmospheric Sciences and Weather modification Technologies, JNTU, Hyderabad.
4. Member, Board of Studies for Physics, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
5. Member, Board of Studies for Physics, Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh
6. Member, Board of Studies for Physics, Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women University), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
7. Member, Cloud seeding operation by Karnataka Government..
8. Member, Technical Specification committee for 13- C-Bandmultipolarization Doppler Weather Radar over India, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi.
Membership of learned and professional societies: 07
1. Life Member (8146L4733), Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), Kanpur
2. Life Member (L2089), Instrument Society of India, Bangalore
3. Life Member, India Meteorological Society (IMS), Chennai Chapter
4. Life Member(L1432), National Environmental Science Academy, New Delhi
5. Life Member (L19967), The Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkatta
6. Life Member (LM883), Association of Agrometeorologists, Anand, Gujarat
7. Life Member (RMIAET2712710), International Association for Engineering and Technology (IAET)
Selected Research Publications:
1. V.Kmuar, S.K.Dhaka, K.Krishna Reddy, A.Gupta, S.B.Surendra Prasad,V.Panwar, N.Singh, Shu-Peng Ho, and M.Takahashi, Impact of Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the inter-annual variability of the tropopause temperature in the tropics: A study using COSMIC/ FORMOSAT-3 observations, Atmospheric Research, 139, 62-70,2014.
2. U.V.Murali Krishna, K. Krishna Reddy, R.Shirooka, and C.J.Pan,2014: Observational study on Melting layer characteristics over Palau in the Pacific Ocean, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 121, 132--140, DOI:10.1016/j.jastp.2014.09.015
3. J.Jayalakshmi andK.Krishna Reddy, 2014:Raindrop Size Distributions of South West and North East Monsoon Heavy Precipitations Observed over Kadapa (14o 4’ N, 78o 82’ E), a Semi Arid Region of India, Current Science, 107, 1312- 1320.
4. V.Kmuar, S.K.Dhaka, R.K.Choudhary, Shu-Peng Ho and K.Krishna Reddy, 2014: On the occurrence of coldest temperature in the stratospheric region and tropical tropopause stability: A study using COSMIC/ FORMOSAT-3 satellite measurements", Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 121(B), 271-286,DOI: 10.1016/j.jastp.2014.10.007
5. U. V. Murali Krishna, K. Krishna Reddy, S.Balaji Kumar, Ryuichi Shirooka, Pay-Liam Lin and Chen-Jeih Pan, 2016: Raindrop size distribution of Easterly and Westerly Monsoon precipitation observed over Palau Islands in the Western Pacific ocean, Atmospheric Research,174–175, 41–51, doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2016.01.013.
6. S.Balaji Kumar, K. Krishna Reddy,J.Jayalakshmi, T.Narayana Rao, Pay-Liam Lin, Chian-Yi Liu, Utpal Kumar, 2016:Precipitation and clouds microstructure variations between two Southern Indian stations, Proc. of SPIE, 9876.
7. R. Mastanaih, P. S. Brahmanandam, G. Uma, A. Narendra Babu, and K Krishna Reddy,2016:Studies of Two Important Stability Indices of Earth’s Atmosphere Determined using the COSMIC GPS Radio Occultation Technique, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 9(38), DOI: 10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i38/98595.
8. J.Jayalakshmi, S.Balaji Kumar, M.Venkatarami Reddy, K Krishana Reddy, Pay Liam Lin, T Narayana Rao and Chian-Yi Liu, 2017:A study on Raindrop Size Distributions Variability in before and after Landfall Precipitation of Tropical Cyclones observed over Southern India, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 159, 23–40.
9. V. Kumar, S. K. Dhaka, Shu-Peng Ho, Narendra Singh, Vir Singh, K Krishana Reddy,, and H.-Y. C, 2017:Impact of seasonal solar variability on the association between lower troposphere and cold point tropopause in the tropics: Observations using RO data from COSMIC, Atmospheric Research.-Atmospheres, 198C, 216-225, 10.1016/j.atmosres.2017.08.026
10. S.Balaji Kumar, J.Jayalakshmi, P.L. Lin, K Krishana Reddy,R.Shirooka,and P.K.Wang, 2017: A comparison study of summer season raindrop size distribution between Palau and Taiwan, two Islands in Western Pacific ,J. Geophy. Res.-Atmospheres, 122,11,787-11,805.
11. Hari Krishna,A., Mohammed Waaiz, G Mahboob Basha, andK Krishna Reddy, 2018: 2018: Village Information Systems - Prediction of weather for the benefit of farmers, International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET), 6(1),580-590
12. T.Rajitha Madhu Priya, K.Krishna Reddy, M.Venkata Ramanaiah, and Ashok Kumar Sharma,2018: Some aspects of the convective boundary layer structure over complex terrain in tropical semiarid regions of Rayalaseema, International Journal of Current Advanced Research, 07(5), 13082-13087. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2018.13087.2320
13. S.B. Surendra Prasad, Vinay Kumar, K. Krishna Reddy, S.K.Dhaka, Malik Shristy, M. Venkatarami Reddy, and U.Muralikrishna, 2019:Perturbations in the Earth’s atmosphere over Indian region during total solar eclipse on 22 July 2009, J. Meteor. Res., 33(4), 1–14, doi: 10.1007/s13351- 019-8056-7.

National & International Conferences participated and presented:
Carrying out Research for PhD degree :
International Conferences/Symposia 96
National Conferences/Symposia 97
Conferences/Workshops/School Organized 18
Invited talks/presentations 92
Research Reports:
National 05
International 09