Prof. K. Satyanarayana Reddy
+91 9703216196
Qualification :
Ph.D. from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.
Teaching experience :
Joined university service in 1991. Presently , Professor& Head,Department of Social Sciences, Dean School of Social Sciences,and Dean –in – charge Humanities.
Area/s of research interests :
Agricultural Economics, Industrial Economics and Labour Economics, Econometric Applications .
Achievements/Awards :
ICSSR Fellowship, During Ph.D. Period
Details of significant paper publications :
1. “Determinants of Male Agricultural Wages - A Case Study of Anantapur District – Andhra Pradesh”,Published in Journal ‘Human Endeavour’, Vol.III, No.2, April – September 2007, Pp.3-12.
2. “Determinants of Rural Female Work Participation Rate in Chittoor District”, ICFAI Journal of Public Administration, Vol.III, No.3, July 2007, pp.69-80.
3. “Impact of Technological on the production groundnut in Andhra Pradesh: An Empirical Study”, Published in The ICFAI Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol.V.No1, January 2008, pp.24-34.
4. “Trends in and Determinants of Agricultural Productivity: A Study of Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh”, Published in The ICFAI Journal of Governance and Public Policy, Vol.3, No.1, March 2008.
5. “An analysis of Technological Development of Oil Seeds in (Groundnut): Rayalaseema Region”, Published in ‘VISION’ Vol. XXVIII, No.1, January - March 2008, pp.14.24.
6. “Growth and Instability of Food Crops in Andhra Pradesh”, Published in Osmania University General of Social Sciences, July-December, 2008 vol. VIII, No. 2.Pp. 137-150.
7. “Trends and Growth Rates in Education and Infrastructure Expenditure on School Education: A Case Study on Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh”, Published in South Indian Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.VII, No.1, January 2009, Pp.53-77.
8. “An Analysis on Castes and Gender-wise Enrolment in School Education (A Micro Study on Anantapur District, A.P.)”, Published in ‘VISION’ Vol.XXX, No.1, January - March 2010, pp.86-95.
9. “An Economics Analysis of Supply Response of Cotton Crop in Kurnool District (AP). Published in The Asian Economic Review, Vo.52, No.1, April 2010, 2, Pp.129-138.
10. (x) An Analysis of Technological Development of Cotton in Kurnool District (A.P.) Published in Human Endeavour, Vol. VI., No. 1, Oct. 09-Mar. 10. Pp. 3-14.